I attest to Faith that There is No Divinity but Allah ” He is The One and Only, Nothing is Comparable to Him. He is The Primordial Omnipotent Reality Nothing Ever Existed Before Him in Eternity. He Is The Last in His Eternity Yet Nothing Ever Exists Beyond His Omnipotence. He is Existentially Manifest in Eternity Yet Never Could There Be Anything Above His Eternal Omnipotence. He is The Incomprehensible Reality in His Eternity and Nothing Exists Beneath His Majesty”. And I Attest to Faith that indeed Muhammed (saw) is His Divinely exalted servant and His Divine Messenger.



Salat’ul Faatih Prayer (The Opening Benedictions)
Oh Allah Our Master Creator to Whom Alone we are Obligated to be In Servitude, we implore You to Shower Your Benedictions unto Our Divine Master Muhammed (saw), who is the Quintessential Key (The Secret Door of Divine Knowledge and Beauty) that has been kept in obscurity by Divine Decree, The Seal of All (Chain of Prophets and Revelations) that was before him, the Triumphant Succourer and Helper of The Truth with The Divine Truth and The Righteous Guide by Divine Ordinance towards the attainment of Your Straight Path (Swiraatal Mustaqeem) and unto His Progeny by every degree and magnitude befitting his true divinely ordained position and microcosmic grandeur.



Exalted Thine Master Creator the Lord of Majesty and Glory Far above that which associate with Him, and peaceful Salutations be unto the Divine Messengers and all praise, magnifications, laudation, commendations and venerations belong to Allah Master Creator of the Universe.